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Such A Moment
Such A Moment is a new service that provides premium college recruiting highlight videos.
Such A Moment is run by Trumbull High School Student, Howard Qian. He plays soccer for the varsity team and understands the importance of highlight videos in the college recruiting process.
Such A Moment
  • understands the importance a good highlight video and its role in getting recruited
  • accommodates for any sport and supports the needs of its clients
  • recognizes that a quality video shows coaches the talent that you have
  • Highlight Videos
    Each video is crafted to highlight your talents, showcasing what appeals to college recruiters.
    Cost - $20
    (many companies charge $200+) *for videos of approximately 3-7 minutes in length*
    A minimum of 10 clips must be submitted for a successful video. Note that HD 720p or higher will yield the best results.
    Upload all clips/games to youtube. *if full games are uploaded, times for each clip must be supplied*
    For inquiries: Email howard.h.qian@gmail.com OR Text 631-464-9247
    Email: howard.h.qian@gmail.com
    Phone: 631-464-9247